Our goal as a company is to become the best solution provider for the analysis, interpretation and management of social and professional inter-relationships and customer networks.

We believe in the importance of meeting the needs of business professionals from all sectors who seek to understand and use the knowledge and the dynamics of customer network intelligence in order to develop better business strategies.

And last but not least, we believe there are many opportunities to generate connection with our users through the development of tools that generate real value to their lives.


We are a multitalented team with extensive experience in the area of communication, consulting and development. Our work always goes hand in hand with emotions and create solutions that actually have value to the user. Social Vision counts with an extensive and highly qualified network of professionals that can provide support with different types of services.


Partner / Patient Expert

As a patient with six years of experience, I have learned what Healthcare is really about.
My maxim, as Patient Expert, is to help: REDEFINING PATIENT CARE

Overall, I bring 25 years of professional and global experience to the table, with close to 15 years in the pharmaceutical and healthcare consulting space.



Management consultant in the healthcare industry and entrepreneur with roots in sociology, ethnography and visual arts. I help my clients to manage transitions, evolve their organizations and understand their stakeholder relationships.


Partner / Consultant

Digital & Design consultant with more than 15 years of experience working with many international brands. I am passionate about developing creative digital products and cross media strategies that connect with their audiences. Additionally, I grew a reputation as a hands-on project manager, managing multi-disciplinary teams based in different locations all over the globe.


Research & Development Lead

Free spirit under construction. Entrepreneur mindset. Agile team leader. Software engineer. Full stack web developer. Passionate about innovation. Creative and forward-thinker. Looking for trascendence in what I do. Hoping to leave the world better than I found it.


Data Management Lead

My professional path consists of 10+ years data management and 17 years project management. During my carrier I have successfuly carried through several extensive projects of data architecture and data migration on various platforms. My mission at Social-Vision is to translate data into valuable information by data warehousing and data mining at high complexity.


Creative Director

Art, music, ideas, poetry is what drives me, I am moved by design, the beauty of clean lines, communication, the strong idea that the world can be better, the genius of human being, I am moved by the nonconformity that makes us get farther and farther. What drives me is what makes us human.


UX/UI Expert

Art director with extensive experience in the world of advertising. Passionate about design and new technologies, began her career in the world of editorial design and the pair of the times, her work was upending into the digital world and communication.